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    Anyone know of an alternate zero-out reset method?

    I need to send my phone in for repair, as the keypad is not working. Also, I no longer have my original hotsync cable; I bought an aftermarket "retractable" sync/charge cable, and it does not have a hotsync button on it.
    This makes for multiple problems in a, no access to hotsync button on cable, at this time my power button works ONLY to wake the device, and the up button works not at all.

    I do not wish to send the phone in as is, since there are some "sensitive client info things" on the phone.

    Anyone have a suggestion? If I could get my hands on an original cable, I'd try the zero-out, but I'm not sure it would work anyway, since the d-buttons are not working.

    Also, time is of the essence; I am leaving for Hawaii for a field class next Wednesday; my cell phone company assures me they can have a replacement by then, but I still need to zero this one out before I send it in.
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    Use Filez and delete all your sensitive databases?
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    The info is still trivially recoverable after deletion with filez/a regular hard reset. That's why the zero-out reset exists, it's not just there for the hell of it. A zero-out reset actually deletes everything from the device by overwriting it, whereas other resets leave it all there.
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    Yup, what StarmanDX said. Hard reset=not good enough.

    Update: I got ahold of a hotsync cable, and I *cannot* perform a zero-out reset. I only get the "rainbow bars" bootload screen.

    Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'd feel *so* much better if I could get that zero-out.
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    And another update:

    My husband, who is ever-so-sensible, found a key that was "stuck" down, and we sort of jimmied it up, and wonder of wonders, we were able to get the zero-out done; however, the key stays "depressed" unless we pull it up, so in for repair it goes!

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