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    Noodles Timer for Palm can help you not to overcook your instant/cup noodles. It is simple, efficient and easy to use. Although Noodles Timer is designed for cooking noodles, you can use it for various food cooking, e.g. spaghetti, steam fish, steam egg etc.

    Updated Description:
    1.0: (1/5/07)
    - First release

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    Updated Description:
    1.1: (1 Jan 2008)
    - Fixed Treo 650 reset problem
    - Enhanced for Palm smartphones
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    I don't need this, but shouldn't you post a link or the file?
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    I found it. Intalled it. It's not bad, but there are other timers out there that I prefer. I imagine with a little more development it'll be nice. One big advantage -- it's very easy to use.
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    Uploaded the file
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    Try this :
    It's from France and it's free.
    Use the Mac version all the time and love it!
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    Updated Description:
    1.2: (1 May 2008)
    - Added time seconds setting
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