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    I just got my Treo 700p the other day.
    I knew a lot about it before I got it,
    [thanks to you people here in the forums]
    so I was already really excited.

    First off, I wanna say that I love it.
    From being an average phone user,
    and now a Treo user,
    I'm very satisfied thus far.
    I've put my SD card in,
    and have photo albums,
    mp3's, ringtones,
    it's nice.

    I've only got a couple programs installed though.
    and Toccer. [which works amazing for me.]

    My main question is -
    Are there any programs that I should urgently download?
    I want several opinions.
    What do YOU think I should download.
    What's helpful?

    I'd love the input.
    Thanks everyone!

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    I would get a backup program like backup buddy. I would install filez so you can search yor files, that's free. Also an uninstall program.
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    Definitely a backup program and...


    Uninstall Manager

    Or the Full Neatfreak Pack (Uninstall and Cleanup)

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