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    Ah, from December to January. Do I hear February, anyone? March?
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    Just an FYI... I'm not a Treo user (this is the only Goodlink forum i could find) but I got a new WM6 phone yesterday (Samsung Blackjack II) and Good 4.9 installed without a problem.

    It seems to function just fine. Only problem I've found so far is some of my shortcut keys for Good (like D for delete) aren't working.
    I'm not sure if its a Blackjack II issue or a WM6/Good issue. I'm leaning towards a Blackjack issue since it only seems to be an issue on shortcut keys whos second fucntion is a number.

    For a while i was using Good 5.0 on my Blackjack I with WM5.
    I absolutly hated it!! it slowed down everything!
    I might try it now on WM6 if i get some time.
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    Is MR1 out yet? Slated for this week?
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    SR1 was released today (1/7)
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    Thanks GoodGuy,

    BTW, when are the new device that are supported with MR1 updated in the Good Online Portal?
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    We are working on that now.
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    Can anyone confirm whether or not the Samsung i760 on the Verzon Wireless Network will work with Goodlink? Reading between the lines, it sounds that it should be with the new SR, but I'd really appreciate getting confirmation.

    My Treo 700P took a dive and I expect to recieve an i760 replacement on Monday. Just realizing that the i760 may not work with Good, which would be a showstopper for me, as it's my companys only option to the exchange server. I asked VzW to contact me without accepting my order if Good is not compatible, apparantly they ignored the request or it's recently supported.

    Additionally, when I get the new device with esn/meid (whatever their using in the states these days) and VzW activates it, I assume that I'll have to re-visit the Good url with passcode, etc. to activate it on my companys good box, is that accurate? If I have the old http link/password, can I just re-use that or must the good admin at my place re-issue? All I'm trying to avoid here is a "supported/not supported" debacle.

    Lastly, if it requires a certain SR from good (the latest), whats the typical retrofit schedule for a huge company? I'm at a large outfit and I can already tell from past dealings with the help desk that figuring out which SR their/I'm on,is going to be next to impossible.

    Thanks in advance for any insight, really appreciate it!
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    The 760 is not supported.
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    Thanks Goodguy. Based on the crisp answer, is it safe to assume it will NOT be supported ever, period? Have the new box sitting on my desk, gearing up to return it.

    Thanks Again,
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    Sorry for the short answer. At this point, everything I am hearing is pointing to the fact that it will not be supported in the near future.
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    Thanks Goodguy.

    Are the pda's listed on Goods external website the only one's supported?

    Do you know if the XV6800 for Verizon Wireless is supported?
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    Good doesn't make the list of supported devices public.

    I am disappointed to hear that the i760 is not supported nor is slated to be supported in the near future.

    The VZW XV6800 is not supported (as of today), though the Sprint Moguls is supported.
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    Supported devices are listed in the Good Monitoring Portal. Devices listed on our website are supported, though there are many more that we list in the GMP that are running on our NOC.
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    My understanding is that you need a login and password to get into the GMP (which is therefore mostly reserved for the admins of GMM). Why would Good not publish their more extensive list in a public place on their website? That way prospective buyers can see that Good is supposedly compatible with more devices than the paltry selection on the general website.
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    The supported devices are listed on the web page. There are other devices on other carriers that we have on our NOC, though they are not officially supported. In the next month or so, we will be updating how we publish device support.
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    I hope someone can help me or show right direction to solve my problem. The problem is the following: I got a corporate G900 and need to install Goodlink software. I tried to do it according to guides (standart OTA setup thru but got black screen on the stage of 'Extracting Good messaging...' and after it my PDA starts to reload.

    I will be glad to see your ideas... Many thanks in advance
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    The G900 is not a supported device, so I unfortunately can't help. One suggestion I would make is to have your GMM Admin create an SD install for you as I have seen the the non-supported devices sometimes will provision, or at least people have an easier time, using the SD install.
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    Following the advice of our GMM admin, I went ahead and did the OTA provisioning on the Samsung i760 and Good worked like a champ. The downside is that for whatever corp. reason, they won't disclose what GMM SW Rev we are running.

    Not exactly sure what caused it, but the email and data synch in general locked up about 3 hours after the intial install. I hadn't loaded any other 3rd party Apps, so not sure what the issue was. I did a soft reset and things were back to normal. Aside from no mail Tx/Rx (send..rec) everything was lagging BIGTIME.

    So the good news is that it worked, the bad news is that it worked. I thought I'd be diggin' the i760 but I'm not feelin it. I come from a few years in the treo world with Good, but never use any 3rd party apps. All i'm looking for is solid phone, contacts, calendar and mail. I parted ways with the beloved treo because I could no long stand the lockups and hard resets. What was particularly frustrating is that I didn't have the device loaded with 3rd party software other than Good, which is supported on that device.

    I won't go on the i760 WM6 rant here though, as the thread is simply WM6 on Good. Yes it works on my i760 with OTA. If I can pull software rev out of device, instruct and I'd be happy to advise.

    But advise quickly before I send this thing back!
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    GoodGuy, many thanks. I will try and post the result.
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    My company is starting to switch out our Treos for Moto Q's. The big thing I've noticed is that the Q is a phone first, a PDA second (Treos appear to be the other way around). So far I have three of them (me being one, and I'm the Good Admin here), and the only complaint has been battery life (easily fixed by getting the extended battery). The first one to request a Q was the owner of the company. He had been carrying two phones (one regular phone for talking, and a Treo for email), but now has just the Q and loves it. He is somewhat technically challenged, but I haven't heard a peep out of him since we moved him (I got mine so I could support him). There are pros and cons to both devices, but I think you'll like the Q. (BTW, I'm referring to the original Q, not the new Qm or Qc).

    Hope this helps!

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