Hey does anyone know anything about a class action lawsuit in California in regard to Treo 600s & 650s? I came across some legal documents while looking for some repair info for my Treo 600. Here is the link:


My second question is related to a thread that I placed a couple of days ago, once again my touch screen is unresponsive. I tried the fix that the Ebay wireless store suggested (charge battery to full and then hold power button and hit reset). Their suggestion worked the first time and now that doesn't even work. So now all my phone does after doing a hard reset is get stuck in the touchscreen calibration step. "Use stylus to tap center of target" is where I am. All that happens is I tap the center of the target and the target moves from the lower right corner to the upper left. I tap the target in the upper left and get "please try again." Any other suggestions? Does anyone think I need a new screen & digitizer?