Ok.. stick with me here..

There's a thread here: http://discussion.treocentral.com/sh...d.php?t=118496

with users complaining intensely to GoodGuy about how our Treo 700p's are crashing since putting Good on.

There have also been a long history of complaints about the Treo 700p rebooting/crashing with Blazer. It has to do with the cache and clearing, etc.. one of those threads is here:


Here's what I noticed. I had the Treo crashing problem before installing Good. I read through the threads and found out it had to do with the backup software I was using. That when the backup software ran, it ate up all the cache. Then what you'd notice is it would take 15-20 seconds to open Blazer to browse the web. Then, sure enough, within a few minutes you'd get a crash.

I fixed that problem by changing to a different backup program that didn't eat up the cache. So now everything was working great. Blazer loads in seconds and I don't get reboots.

I install Good. Now all of the sudden, Blazer takes 15-20 seconds to load again and I'm getting reboots once again.

Is it possible that Good is eating up this cache much the same as the backup program was???