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    I saw a great deal so I thought I'd have to try it- a 4 gig minisd card (unbranded) and an adapator with shipping for 29.99-

    It will work on my digital camera so I'm still happy.

    However it won't work on the treo 750. It will say "want to format?" and I say yes then in only 2-3 seconds it says "all done and ready to use" but doesn't show up in explorer. Removing it, insert it gets the same thing again, "want to format?"-

    Putting it in my computer, the pc reconqizes and formats it and sees it just fine.(using win xp)

    Oh well. At least I will definately use it in digital cameras....
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    Don't buy unbranded memory cards, period.
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    Ok I wanted a 4GB SD card and I bought the San Disk one and it doesn't work on my treo 700wx. I am kinda disappointed because I would like to use a 4GB rather than my 2GB card. Any ideas of which name brand SD cards work. Heck I think I will even use an off brand one right now.

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