I use Snapper Mail on my 700p and had my database crash the other night. To solve the problem (per Snapper Mail support), I ended up deleting the database, removing Snapper Mail, and re-installing the application from scratch. In the process, I lost all of my saved messages on the phone, and more importantly, had to spend an hour re-configuring the six e-mail accounts I check.

I had previously checked “Backup databases on Hotsync” on the Snapper Mail application on my Palm, but could not find these on my PC. Looking ahead to avoid this type of scenario with any future hiccups, how do other users backup their data? I am most concerned with settings since all of my contacts, appointments, and old e-mail messages are saved on my PC.

Can this be done via the traditional Hotsync or do I need to buy a third-party backup program? If so, can you recommend one that would allow me to save settings for the various applications I run on the Palm. Also, was my backup over-written on my PC when I sync’d since I chose the setting labeled “Handheld overwrites desktop?”