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    Leaving for France tomorrow. Don't care about phone, since Sprint does not work we will use phonecards, but would like to have my contacts, calendar, etc.
    Do I need more than an adaptor to charge my 700p? i.e. do I also need a converter/transformer to keep from frying it?
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    You need an adapter..

    How long are you going to be gone? You might be fine if you turn off the phone and just use it as a PDA the battery should last a long time. My guess is with light usage and the phone off not searching for a signal you should be able to use it for a solid week.
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    We'll be there for 2 weeks. Found a friend who just got back and has the correct transformer. thanks.
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    I didn't use a transformer. I just had a plug adapter and used the regular charger. Worked fine.
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    the new appliances sold by palm (Starting with 600) will work with 240v systems. The adapters automatically work in the US (120v) and abroad (240v). I am not sure what the wall plugs look like in France, but that is what you may need, but either way that is like a $2 plug
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    The charger that Palm gives you with the cradle will have the requisite plug types for everywhere. That is what I use. Or yeah it is a $ cheapie adapter.
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    I live in Germany right now and I use my 700p for GPS, contacts, alarms, and Bike or Die Like other people have already said, you just need an adapter... no need for a transformer. The 700p has a dual-voltage charger. Enjoy France.

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