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    Here is a puzzling situation: My 650 reboots upon connecting with my Cadillac's built in Bluetooth hands free connection. Very puzzling. Running 1.05a - latest release. Tried replacing the phone, same results. I dial a number, phone connects with Bluetooth, then immediatelyt reboots. ??
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    does it do this with a regular bt headset as well?
    maybe the caddy's built in bt is not compatible with the treo.
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    That strange, the Bluetooth of the Treo is of most powerful and sight than I have had several cellular ones with BT (SonyEricsson, Motorola, Siemens) but the one that less has given problems me is the one of the Treo. Already you tried irte to my devices of confidence in the section of Preferences, so that you synchronize with the apparatus that you need to connect it? I recommend that to you and luck!

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