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    Hey all,

    Not sure where to post this....but does anyone know how to make the verizon wireless sync feature stop sending me all my emails 3 times. For example....I will get 10 emails and when the phone connects to sync to the wireless system I get 30 emails. All 10 messages times 3. Its annoying and takes up a lot of memory when I get say 40 emails.

    I have played with all the settings and can't figure it out. I haven't tried talking to verizon yet...but I don't suspect that they will be of any help.


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    A little off topic but wireless sync is horrible. I never could get it to work right and between the slow down and stability issues it created I ended up ditching it after the first month I had my 700p.

    If you haven't already, take a look at chattermail. Hands down the best email app for the pos. Nothing on the pos or windows mobile compares to it.

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