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    After ten months of largely trouble-free service, developed an issue. I've had great luck with Versamail, using it for Exchange and Gmail accounts with never a problem. Monday I had to reset my Exchange password, and I changed it on the 700 as well. Have not added anything recently in terms of apps.

    This morning I had several resets, and noted that the Versamail app was slow to open, just by a little. Tried to reproduce the cause, and have had several more resets, all in VM. According to the Crash log, most are due to "Multimail 3.5.1"; two have been due to "addressinglibdomains 2.25"; these occured when I was in the process of deleting all trash and sent items from the device.

    One thing I noticed was that after the first crash, and after using VM for a few minutes, there will be another crash, and this time the phone doesn't turn on automatically after the reset. The interesting thing was that for a few hours this morning it was working perfectly with no slight lag at all; then, it began doing the same thing.

    I haven't done a hard reset (I've got Rescoe Backup, including one set from two days ago which was before any problems occurred for sure) but I'm wondering if it could be due to a tower or network problem, since it improved spontaeously for a while. It continues to work, but I can't figure out what might be doing this.

    There is a page on the Palm website about how to deal with this problem on a 650, but that was a different VM and I've not seen any reference to whether this would work on a involves deleting the databases with Filez, then making a new account. I'd rather not do this unless I have to....last time I did that I ended up with dupicate calendar entries, and I didn't even have to do it in the first place.
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    Very interesting. I tried several hard resets and restoring from earlier backup sets (Rescoe). VMail seemed fine until I synced, then would get buggy again.

    After thinking about that for a while, I simply went back two days to before the problem started, moved all the emails on my desktop Outlook from that time forward to a new folder, and re-synced the inbox.

    Things immediately normalized, and I expect this would have worked without the hard resets. One of the emails apparently had an attachment, or by itself, was causing the app to reset and bug out. There were several attachments that appeared fine on the PC; both were Word files, but I'm very suspicious that one of them was corrupted in some way and causing the problem. Something easy for you to try if this happens to you.
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    Overly optimistic. After working wonderfully all day, it began the same buggy attitude this morning after sleeping all night. There was a Resco backup performed; otherwise not aware of anything that would change overnight. Back to the drawing board. I tried deleting all email messages from the device on the Exchange account; then I couldn't sync back from the main server to retrieve them, although I can recieve new messages. My current bet is that it's not the device or VM, but that it's an issue with what happens to the Exchange server. If it were the device or the software, there would be no reason to expect it to work perfectly for a day, then have a problem in the morning, which is when the problem first appeared. I suspect something that is done to the Exchange server overnight, although the IT people deny there have been any software upgrades.
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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem...
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    Yes, I did. It turned out to be a Fontsmoother font that I had made. I tried using Easyconvert to make a font, specifically Arial 10. For some reason, that font, and that font alone, crashed Versamail. I hadn't thought about that as being the reason until I remembered I had changed the font only on the email client. The screens took a long time to load and I would get frequent crashes. After changing the font to some other Fontsmoother font, I have never had another problem. I let the FS developer know, and he thought the conversion process might have been corrupted in some way, but if this is happening to you and you're using Fontsmoother, it's very easy to just turn it off. I did that and noticed the difference immediately.

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