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    Has anybody here sent in a 680 for repair under warranty?

    What did you get back? Was the refurb/replacement the same color? Did it have branding or no branding ? In other words, what did you send in and what did you receive?
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    Most carriers will simply send you back a refurbished phone of the same model and color, unless yours is discontinued. If you have any doubt, ask them up front and have them commit to what they will send you. Expect that all data will be lost--they rarely fix your phone. Branding will be the same too. Firmware version might or might not be the same but "should" be the latest revision.
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    First, I got refurbished one. called in and returned the phone back to them. The second time I got the new in box. The best way to do so, is simply have PERSISTENCE. (Treo 680)

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    Had to send in my 680 twice and got a refurb...twice. both refurbs had "old" serial numbers so I had to install the camerapatch. Housing and screen were perfect. Because I had to remove everything before sending in the devices I now have two spare batterycovers and two spare styli.
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    I bought a crimson; it developed the endemic headphone jack crash and I had it replaced. It cost me an extra $25 to have them ship the replacement to me first so I could at least have my old phone to use during the wait. But for $25 I got overnight delivery--in Palm terms, which meant two weeks between the phone call and receipt of the phone. Twenty five dollars wasted, if you ask me.

    Especially because they sent me the copper, not the crimson. They told me they were sorry and they would ship me a crimson and I could return the copper. Yeah. Sure. It worked, so I kept it.

    Then it developed the same headphone jack problem, so I had that replaced with a crimson one--but they warned me I was only entitled to a refurbished one, not a new one, which is a breach of their warranty, but it wasn't worth arguing. They took my credit card number but told me they were shipping it overnight without charging me the $25 that time. As far as I know, they didn't charge me, but the overnight was, of course, another two weeks.

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