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    It seems ever since I upgraded from my 650 to 700p alot of people have been calling me saying they've been trying to call my phone and get that message.

    It happens if they are calling from a landline or cellphone.

    My location doesnt seem to matter

    Some have said they try to call me for an hour and then it finally goes through. Im calling sprint and getting bounced back and forth..

    the guy at tech told me he would transfer me to a Treo Specialist. He transferred me to Palm.

    so any advice as to what my problem could be? This phone is my main# for my business and I think im missing calls!
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    Had an isolated incident a couple of times while placing a call about a month ago, where I got that message. It cleared up after 5 minutes. As for people trying to call me, I haven't heard anything.

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