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    Has anyone been able to get their email on a sprint 700p in Canada? Sprint website says yes. I currently have a 650, was told by Sprint reps that data will work in Canada. I posted this question in the 650 forum and was told by 2 different people that their 650 did not work for data in Canada.

    I have to make the decision to upgrade now, as I am leaving on Thursday. Any input appreciated.

    I love my 650, haven't had any problems, but really need to be able to get email. I also like sprint because it is cheap and works well for me.
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    Not sure on Sprint data availability in Canada for either device --- but make sure you check on what those data "costs" will be before you go . . . . . sticker shock after the fact is not a good thing. When I was with Cingular -- roaming costs in Canada were off the charts. They had a $20 monthly add on that I started and then canceled after the trip . . . the per kb charges would have been 5 times that . . . of course, this was 3 years ago. . . . things may have changed.

    I would talk with a live body in a Sprint store -- preferably a manager -- so if there is a surprise, after the fact, you can go back to them and seek help correcting the bill they were mistaken about. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Last couple of times I was there, it worked (2006). Hi-speed in Toronto and suburbs, 1xRtt in Halifax, NS.

    I'm on the SERO plan, and I didn't get charged for the data access (no roaming data charges). I was a bit surprised at that, but YMMV.
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    Sprint with 700P in Toronto worked great, found out after the fact that you have to have the plan that specifically includes Canada so definitely get your plan changed for the time you'll be there, you can change it back later. I got a nice big bill for my data time spent there where if I would have been smart and talked with Sprint ahead of time I could have just gotten the plan update to include Canada (some nominal fee).


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    My 700p gets high speed in Montreal.
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    I called sprint a few days ago and you need to sign up for the canada plan for $2.99/mo. you can cancel anytime. the voice call goes from $.59 to $.20/min with the plan. data is still charged 0.002 per kb though but there's definitely service up there. i will find out tomorrow.
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    It works and it is very expensive. One Very nice feature of having a business account with Sprint is that you can activate the monthly Canada plan for $15.00 and 50% of your total minutes can be used for calls to and from Canada. You can cancel as soon as you return from Canada. I have done this many times. The data is a fortune and not worth using unless you really need to.
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    I wouldn't call 2 dollars/MB a fortune. The Canadian carriers charge more to their Canadian customers! But I didn't use any data last time I was up there. Net cafe is very easy to find.
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    It cost me a $100 for a 4 day trip with what I believe was very light usage...

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