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    I think my World clock app is busted. The two time zones at the bottom of the map are reversed from my network time it seems. Example: my network time is pacific time zone/Los Angeles and I have the alt time zone set as Berlin. Berlin shows the LA time and LA shows the Berlin time and the map that shows the daylight/night shading is reversed also. Is there a way to upgrade this program or is there a better World Clock app that you can recommend??
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    I wish I had World Clock, broken or not. Now I'm on the 700wx and God didn't make World Clock for Windows.
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    I think I read that solly.....
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    Did you select LA at the top of the map from the drop down box? Does it list the right time under LA?

    I've used citytime for a few years, really like it. There are others out there like palmary clock, Aclock is good and cheap
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    Worldmate Pro has a world clock and is discounted at the mo.


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