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    OK, having had backupman save my bacon NUMEROUS times in the past on past palms I needed it on my 700p....but have lost my reg number and can't get it as I don't have my order number or email I used to get version 2 (I have version 1 info, but to no avail...uggh).

    Anyway, nvbackup is free so I want to give it a shot...why not, right? But for comfort sakes I think I will buy backupman again, or maybe resco. Is there a problem with running more than one backup program, as long as you of course don't have both of them set to go off at the same time? ;-)
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    Just use NVbackup. Backupman will not restore java. I have used both, and now only use NVBackup for just that reason. However, I had no issues running both applications until i was confident Nvbackup was better then backupman.
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    Yeah, I would like to do that (just use NVbackup) but man, the warnings they have in the readme make you wonder!!! ;-)
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    I run NVBackup, BackupBuddy and without any problems. I found that NVBackup was not able to completely restore GoodLink. saved me when I lost the backup card and had to do a hard reset. None of them conflict with each other.
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    I use NVBackup everyday and BackupMan every Sunday. No issues with either.
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