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    I just upgraded to a Treo 700P and I can sync with HotSync everything but my ACT information. When I try to include the ACT calendar, tasks and contacts HotSync hangs. When it hangs I cannot cancel it and need to terminate the application via Windows. My setup is:

    Treo 700P
    HotSync Manager 6.0.1
    Act! Link 2.0
    ACT version 6.0.3

    The phone is useless if I cannot get my ACT information on to it. Any help is appreciated.

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    I noticed that when I installed ACT! Link for Palm OS, which provides the proper conduits, that it checks Local in Hotsync. I end up having both Local USB and Local check in the HotSync menu. It looks like it may be waiting to sync via the serial port. Even if I uncheck Local, once I try to sync it is again checked.
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    Your Act Link 2.0 installation might be corrupted. Try manually uninstall it following the instruction from Act! KB article on how to manually remove Act Link. Then reinstall, it should work.

    This happened to me with Act for Palm and Act 8.0. I found instruction from Act knowledgebase and manually removed files and registry keys and reinstalled Act for Palm. Then it worked.

    Good luck!

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