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    Last night and today, when I click on a link to try to listen to a baseball game on MLB Gameday Audio (Sprint), I get a Treo error message saying essentially that the Treo doesn't recognize the type of file. Same thing when I try to click on the MLB Radio link (which is the only option right now, since there are no live games at the moment). Specifically, instead of treating the link as a recognized file to be opened with Kinoma, it pops up a dialog box that says the type of file is unrecognized and asking if I'd like to download it to my card.

    Can anyone with MLB Gameday Audio on Sprint do me a favor and see if they are able to connect to either MLB Radio or a live game? I'm trying to figure out if it's my Treo or something at the source (i.e., some temporary problem with the way MLB or Sprint set up the links yesterday and today). I was listening two days ago and haven't changed any settings since, so I can't figure out how it could be a problem on my end..


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    I have the same problem! I was listening to games on saturday and on sunday I got the exact same errors you describe. I've tried to get sprint customer service to help. They had me reset the browser to no avail, then started a "ticket" for the engineers to look into it. The engineers have yet to reach me. Let me know if you get an answer; i'll do the same

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