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    Hello All,
    I have a strange issue with my calender and exchange server syncing....Let me start by saying that my computer, treo and exchange server are all up to date with the patches for DST and I only recently discovered this problem.

    When I add an appointment on the treo it syncs with the correct timezone to outlook (central time US).

    When I add an appointment on outlook and it syncs with treo it shows as the correct time but after the appointment line it shows one hour later eastern time in calender.

    An Example:

    I set an appointment for 6pm Central time in outlook and sync to treo over activesync, the calender app in treo shows

    6pm--event (7pm EDT)

    If I set an appointment on the treo it shows correctly (timezone and time) in outlook

    This is really annonying any ideas?~!

    FYI I use 1and1 activesyn with versamail and I manually set my timezone to "Dallas"
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    I have the same issue on my 700p (MR1.10). Our exchange server is located in MST, and I'm in PST. If I have an attendee from MST my calendar is 1 hour later. Attendees from PST show the correct time.

    I'll have to test this theory with some other timezones, but it seems to be something in the Treo's inability to parse attendees in multiple zones?

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