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    Ok so I made the switch back to my 680. Dont ask me why but I gave the Blackjack a shot for a few months and talk about bored with a device. Horrible. Well Im about to purchase a 680 again on Premier and I just had a quick question. Whats the fastest time chatter checks mail? can you set it up to check every 15min or whats the time frame. Is it a good idea to do this anyways?? I never had a issue with battery life with my 1st 680. Just curious...any input is appreciated

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    Not sure about your questions but welcome!
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Probably the fastest with Chatter would be push email using IMAP. I wouldn't set it for auto-pilot pull from POP more frequently than hourly just for battery life.

    If you need to check a POP account more frequently than 15 minutes in my opinion you should be using push email.
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    You might get more responses if you put Chatter in your thread title. Some members that would know a lot about it, stay away from the "newb" threads...
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    Please use meaningful titles

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    Go ronbo.
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    You can quick sync any minute interval that you want. so 15 minutes is quite doable.
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    thanks for the input..sorry for posting in the wrong spot, i posted there to thats the hardware i have. was looking for the best way for push email. thanks for the input

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    If you are using IMAP, the notification that new email is in your folder will be communicated to your device typically within seconds. If you are using POP, you can set the polling interval to any number of minutes from 1 to 999. You can also set either POP or IMAP folders to offline mode and have them only polled manually when you ask.

    Each folder can be set to a different polling interval.
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    A new version of Chatter has been released, rebranded by Palm:

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