I have been stubbornly using Contacts 5PE on my 700p even though it is barely functional (I had already bought it before I upgraded to the 700p). If it worked right, I would love it, but it doesn't. The folks at PDA Performance have been telling me there's a new release on the way for well over a year now and I've given up on them.

I'm curious as to what other 700p users recommend. I want something more robust than the stock contact manager, but I would prefer a program that uses the Treo's contact database rather than creating a separate one, as I don't like to give up so much memory (I have a lot of contacts). I also don't need something that acts as a calendar, synchs email, etc.

I have tried most of the other stuff out there, but that was a couple of years ago, so I don't know if they have been improved or if there is anything new that is worth trying. Thanks!