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    Hi All,
    I just picked up a 700p and am wondering if I can just pop the SD card from my 650, that has a current backup (I use Backup buddy) on it, into the 700p and use this to "back up" all my 650's data onto the 700p?


    Thanks in advance.
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    In a word, "No". That's not a good idea. You should Hotsync the 650 and perform a clean install.
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    You can probably selectively restore some things like certain programs & databases. If you give me a list of what programs you had on your 650 I can tell you which ones will work on the 700. The memos & address DBs should be fine to restore. I wouldn't do a full restore though.
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    If you want a stable 700, just say NO.
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    I'll heed the warning and definitely avoid doing that. For a painless upgrade you have to start from zero, which now makes me wonder if the move can be even called upgrade at all.

    Anyhow, those are my 2 cents and believe me it will save you many nightmares. I upgraded a few apps from a 600 directly into the 700p and got resets aplenty until I did the clean install.

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