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    I tried moving this from 1 forum to this 1, but I think it's now posted 2X. Sorry! It belongs here though!

    Running Verizon software Treo650-1.04a-VZW & really don't want to upgrade with all of those problems I read about.

    I had 2 new text messages that caused my phone to reset - both from Verizon customers. I went ahead & deleted (using File Z) the file called SMSMessDbase or something like that ... it still causes resets (I did 1st delete any messages I had in my SMS area - there were only 2) .. now, everytime I hit TO: for an SMS, it warm resets. (I tested the same using MMS & this doesn't cause any reset or problems) ...

    Are there other files I should delete using File Z? I did a backup of my system using NVBackup about a week ago. I can also do a "selective restore" and check off all sorts of SM options - not sure which to use - there's all of this SMAddressDB, SMDomainDB, there is a SMS Msg Database option. Pehaps I can just check this off & see if it restores to how it was last week (when it was not corrupted?)

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I have a similiar problem. I have a Sprint Treo 650. After deleting messages I get a reset. Seems to be after about 20 message deletes. Like you, I tried the File Z to delete the database to no avail. If anyone has an answer, please let us know.
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    Turns out, in my case it was a Font demo program that had expired that was causing my problems. Once I uninstalled it, everything was fine (luckily for me).

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