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    Greetings All

    Does anyone know of a good but simple app, that I can use as an alarm/reminder for various dates/times.
    I was thinking of a memo/reminder pad or diary, I've had a look around and can only find ones without alarms, or ones with to many bells and whistles.

    Any suggestions......
    The name should give you a clue........
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    The standard calendar, with it's recurring event plus alarm capabilities, would seem to do most of what you want. If not, what specifically did you want to achieve.
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    What can I say ?........thanks. I knew someone would come through with an answer. It's a shame I could not see it under my name gives you a clue !
    The name should give you a clue........
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    No problem. And if you use the agenda view as the default, it gives you a halfway decent Today type display (with wallpaper capability).

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