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    Running Verizon software Treo650-1.04a-VZW & really don't want to upgrade with all of those problems I read about.

    I had 2 new text messages that caused my phone to reset - both from Verizon customers. I went ahead & deleted (using File Z) the file called SMSMessDbase or something like that ... it still causes resets (I did 1st delete any messages I had in my SMS area - there were only 2) .. now, everytime I hit TO: for an SMS, it warm resets. (I tested the same using MMS & this doesn't cause any reset or problems) ...

    Are there other files I should delete using File Z? I did a backup of my system using NVBackup about a week ago. I can also do a "selective restore" and check off all sorts of SM options - not sure which to use - there's all of this SMAddressDB, SMDomainDB, there is a SMS Msg Database option. Pehaps I can just check this off & see if it restores to how it was last week (when it was not corrupted?)

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    If you don’t already have it, you need to download and install FileZ on your Treo. All this does is give you access to all the files on the Palm OS filesystem. This is a tool that must be used very carefully, since you can move, copy, and delete any files on the Treo, even ones you didn’t know were there. It’s one of the most useful Treo utilities you can have.
    Run FileZ on your phone and choose “View and Edit Files.” In the next screen, you should see “Internal” under Filename. It might also say “ROM.” If you have an SD Card, you should also see “External” or “SD Card.”
    Click on the little wedge beside “Internal” to expand the list of files on your Treo.
    Find "Messages Database" and delete it (you do this by checking it, choosing “Details,” and then clicking “Delete”)
    That’s it! Your phone should be in working order again
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    In other words, Palm's basic SMS program (nexter), is defective. I can say this without any bias because when my 650 was new, and I haven't put any 3rd party software yet, this error already came up.
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    If I get two text message and hit OK to pass the screen to view them 9 times out of 10 it will reset. It's always been this way.

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