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    I am received an alert reminder for a calendar event but I can't find it in any of my appointments.

    The alert says the time and most of the subject. It appears to be a reoccurring meeting from years ago. It started, I believe, after the DST update.

    I've tried to trace it by:

    o tapping on the alert
    o keyword searches from the subject line
    o datebk5 searches (even the history db)
    o Alarms and PalmInternals applications searches

    The searches didn't find anything. The Alarms search didn't show anything for the alarm time.

    When the alert is set to snooze PalmInternals showed:

    4/30/07 11:13:35 m68k 6433C588
    4/30/07 11:15:58 'HsNav' arm 20229C78

    The first one is the current time and the 2nd one is at the snooze alarm time.

    I have datebk5 and GoodLink installed.

    This is driving me crazy since it occurs every week and I don't know why.

    Any thoughts on how to trace this?

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    It is quiet possible that you have a forgotten alert in "Tasks" AND set the alert for for a number of days before... as in "_ days earlier" Just a guess.
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    there is a free program DBSCAN that looks for 'invalid' calendar entries.
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    Or just look in Outlook (assuming that you are using that on your desktop) for the event. That's what I have to do when I delete duplicates and such as it is much easier to search from Outlook then from the phone.
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    I found the appointment. It is not from 7 years ago. It is a new reoccurring appt. made in Outlook and brought over to my Palm via. GoodLink. Two alarms for the same (single) meeting subject occurred just before midnight Sunday for a meeting on the following Tuesday.

    The meeting has a 15 minute reminder and made in the same timezone that I'm in.

    GoodLink is a 3rd party Palm application the syncs with my company's Outlook server. Appointments going to GoodLink don't get into Palm Calendar or Datebk5. A search of Datebk5 and Palm Desktop did not show this appt. The only applications that should be involved with the alarm are GoodLink and the Palm alert manager.

    I'm using Palm Internals 1.10.2. The report shows HsNav only after I snooze the alarm. Here is the timeline:

    11:55: Alarm goes off and I ignore
    Morning: Check alerts and see two alerts. Check PI. No HsNav alarm listed. Hit snooze and HsNav alarm is listed for snooze time + 5 min.

    What is the best way to debug the application related to the alarm? I'm guessing GoodLink puts the alert into the alarm queue some time before Sunday midnight. How do I prove this? I'm guessing again, that running PI Sunday evening and showing an upcoming GoodLink alert for midnight will prove GoodLink is the culprit.

    Other ideas on finding the root problem application?


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