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    I am having a real annoying problem. About 98% of the time when I am on a phone call, the bluetooth screen pops up. I don't currently use a bluetooth device, it happens when I am on a call using the phone, it self. It doesn't matter if I have the bluetooth on or off.

    A little background. This is my third phone, after being replaced under warranty twice. It has happened with all three. I just had the phone replaced last week, and I thought that it was a third party application doing this. So, I didn't back up all of my applications, only the ones that came with the phone and my Outlook.

    I'm going nuts with this stupid thing, cause if I am on a phone call, the stupid thing just beeps in my ear constantly, and if I want to use an application while on the call, it is a pain to close the bluetooth screen.

    Let me know how i can trouble shoot this.

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    This has happened to me before.. and what I found out is that when I press the phone against my ear... I guess somehow the touchscreen is making contact with my ear and pressing it. When I hold the phone away, I never have this issue. It might be the positioning of the phone and your ear happens to touch the BT icon..

    Try using a headset and see if it still happens...

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