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    On my 650 I could press 7 anytime during the message to erase it. On my 680 I have to wait for the entire message to play before I can erase it by pressing 7. This is annoying especially for long, rambling messages.
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    You can always hit 3 and 3 again to get to the end of a message (or 1 and 1 again to get to the beginning). After hitting 3 twice to get to the end of the message, you can hit 7 to delete (or any of the other voicemail options, like 9 to save).
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    Hmmmm...I can delete a voicemail at any point by hitting "7" with no problem. It's never been an issue...
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    680 on Cing and I too can press 7 anytime, never have to wait for the end.
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    I have to press "7" twice to erase on my cingular network, no matter what phone I use.
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    Voicemail is not governed by the Treo, it is governed by each carrier's individual software.

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