Hello, all. I wanted to share something that I just found that many people probably do not know. I say that, because I went searching here & found a few threads where people had asked and never got an answer. Sometimes when you download a file in Blazer (.zip files that you want to be handled by HandZipper, for example), the files end-up taking up space in RAM but can't be found anywhere. Well, I just found where those files go. Someone in another thread mentioned the location /BUILTIN/Palm/Blazer/Download in Filez, which I had never seen before; I only had /Internal/... and /[SD card's name]/... As it turns out, if you go into the preferences for Filez, there is an option to "Show Hidden Volumes." Check that box, click both Close buttons (to go back to the Filez menu screen), and go back into "View and Edit Files." You should now see a new volume named "BUILTIN." /BUILTIN/Palm/Blazer/Download/ is where you will find these missing files. You should now be able to do whatever you need to with them.

Unfortunately, deleting the files I had there (nearly 10MB) didn't return Blazer to it's "brand-new 680 with lightning-fast Blazer" glory, but at least I have that space back.