Hi All,
I have recently purchased an unlocked GSM treo 650 from ebay and it does meet the standards of unlocked. The tests performed were reset of the stuff does not show any service provider logos , and also it does accept other provider SIMs

The problem i am facing is as follows.

Taken 2 of my treo's to India ( one is unlocked cingular one)
In India my unlocked cingular one works flawlessly but the one which is pure unlocked GSM does give trouble. It starts off first by No Service - SOS only message. Then i put a piece of paper behind SIM and put the SIM back into the slot.

Now for first 10-15 mins its fine and then starts to drop calls with immediate bleep sound. Did all sorts of resets etc no use. Finally with loads of paper behind SIM i can see full signal but when i call the number its saying phone out of reach.

Also i noticed that the phone info tab first line of phone number says: Number not on SIM

This is really upsetting ...

The treo is having latest version 1.20ENA ROM with firmware 1.71

Any ideas what could be an issue

Please note my unlocked Cingular is working same place flawlessly.