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    I've got only one copy of a photo I took with my 650 which is my 650's wallpaper. I'd like to save it onto my computer before I upgrade my Phone. Can anyone tell me how I can get a hold of it? Where it resides on the Treo and what I need to use to access this image?

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    I think the easiest thing to do is to email the photo to yourself from the 650.
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    The problem is I have made it my wallpaper and no longer have the original file... Where can I find the wallpaper file? Where is it stored?
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    If you are using the camera application to view your photos, be sure that the little icon at the top is not set for the SD card.
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    There is no SD card in the Phone. I don't use one. The media App is set to to "All". Its not in the files although it is a desktop image. The process of making an image into a Wallpaper moves a COPY of the image to a part of PalmOS -- I want to know where it is and how I can access it. Very simple.
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    It's called Wallpaper Cache.pdb. You can beam it to your new Treo, or transfer it to your computer. I used the program Filez to find it and beamed it to my new Treo, but you can send it to your computer via Bluetooth from Filez.
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    could he also use snap to grab a screenshot of his treo?

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