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    When listening to streaming, I have learned what the fluttering with P Tunes is. When you receive an email, or any other data event, the 700p will actually disconnect from the EV-DO connection. That is the flaw in the palm OS. Too much info, and crash. It can't handle the data.
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    Flaw in the "shared hardware" between the 700p and 700w/wx according to Palm. It remains to be seen if Palm will/can fix this with a patch.
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    they should be able to do a firmware change devoted solely to the access OS rom. that is the difference from the original OS.
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    In other words, this hardware version was designed solely with Windows in mind. Since the wonderful version 5.x wouldn't handle Sprint TV, and a decent screen resolution, the palm OS was added as an after thought. For those who thought the above features necessary. This hardware version was designed solely for Windows, hence all the problems with the non-win OS.
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    So how then, do they fix this with a patch? Is there an issue with the instruction set on the chips, or is it simply the fact that they didn't develop PalmOS to work correctly with those particular chips?
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    It seems the new firmware will only fix some of what is wrong, because the chips that were used are for Win Mobile.
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    Right, so what makes them "for Windows Mobile" specifically? Is the deal that all they did was "tweak" PalmOS to use a chip with an instruction set written for Winmob? At the core of PalmOS runs C or C++ code, which has been around forever and runs on most everything. It just doesn't seem logical that they designed a phone around Windows mobile, and put PalmOS on it as an afterthought, particularly considering the sizeable (and rabid) user base that Palm has. Seems a little, mmmmm..."tin foil hat".
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    I guess they were feeling kinda lazy.
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    I don't think it was designed for one OS or another I think it was meant to run both, which means the hardware could not be optimized for one platform in any way that would preclude the other.

    The 700p was apparently v1 beta of their new unified platform. From it they learned what works for v2. Notice they didn't bother announcing it as a strategy until v2 (755p) was ready for release.

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