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    I have little ears--freakishly little ears, I think! Most earpieces are uncomfortable. Ipod earbuds are a no-no, for instance, as was an old jabra wired earpiece I used with the smallest sized cover thingie.

    And now I need a good bluetooth to go with a Treo 700p, that isn't going to kill me. Thoughts? I'd like one that just sits on the inside of my ear, instead of seating itself a little deeper into the canal. Make sense? Don't care about price-- just need something that will work well and be comfortable.

    Anybody have this problem?

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    I use a Globalsat BTH-820 - Bluetooth receiver, into which you can plug whatever headphones that you like (ear-buds supplied). It is a small rounded-off rectangular package (approx 6cm x 3cm x 1cm) which contains the microphone and clips onto your clothing. It is often packaged in an so-called "entertainment package" with a Bluetooth transmitter, but can be bought separately.
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    Are the BlueAnt Micro bluetooth headsets considered big now? I have tiny ears and a while back a lot of members recommended those. They come in many different colors, got good reviews and are really reasonable on Amazon. I just don't know if they've come out with much smaller alternatives in the meantime. I'm still considering trying those...I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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