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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering whats the maximum no. of records I can put in Contacts on my Treo 680....?

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    This is only limited to available memory on your device
    However, according to Palm Knowledgebase article 24515 there is a limit of 10,376 records which can be synchronized. Manual entry from PalmDesktop stops already as of 9,866.

    But no real limit on your device (within memory limits, ofcourse )
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    thanks for e info....

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    how do i see how many contacts i have?
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    The way I do this: use FileZ, check details on ContactsDB-PAdd, number of records.
    Digital since 1980, Handheld since 2001
    M105, TE, T3.5, Treo 680, Treo 500v
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    Or in the application launcher screen press menu, info, click records on the bottom and scroll down to Contacts.
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    2719 and no problems. Although, every once in a while over the years Hotsync has offered errors saying that the limit may have been reached. Not true.
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    anyone notice any signifigant slow ups associated with such large contact data bases?
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    Yes. I have over 2,700 Contacts and many have significant notes on the Treo 680. With NVFS Palms (650 & later) the system architecture apparently does a number on a couple of things that were once the "zen of Palm".

    #1 When typing in the 1st character(s) in a last name to go directly to a contact in the "all" category, I have significant (3 seconds or so) lag waiting on the contact to appear. Finding is still relatively acceptable, but nothing like my old OS4 and OS5.2.1 Palms. They were basically instant.

    #2 Global search has now become a joke with NVFS Treos. It took 36 seconds just to search my Contacts alone! Over a miniute of sheer searching to cover every app on the 680. This is unacceptable and Palm needs to address this extremely important function in the Plinux rollout. My old T3 with 50mb on the device could do the same search in probably 5-7 seconds of sheer search time. ** BTW, the global search no longer starts in the current app when searching. It used to put the results of the current app 1st, reducing wasted time. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft has not secretly taken over Palm in the last 4 years!

    #3 Sort of related. Palm Desktop is no longer the speedy little PIM manager on the PC it once was. Since Palm went to handling "Media" on Desktop, it has slowed to a bloated crawl. Years ago, I would often use Desktop as a personal form of "caller ID" when my office phone would ring. I could switch over instantly on Windows, ctrl+F, enter the last 4 digits on my caller ID and determine who was calling (if in my DB) before answering. When Media hit, that party was over, and now it takes a loooong time (30-45 seconds) to do global searches on my Dell Inspiron 5100 Windows bloatbook. Saving the Desktop manually (closing the app) is now much slower when the app has to save DBs before shutdown.

    ** I say these things to say "yes", a lot of Contacts and other data has some noticeable effects under NVFS. Smaller DBs would most likely operate a bit quicker, although I've never actually had an empty unit to try it on.

    Patrick Horne
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    if my Treo 680 seems to not be syncing a few people between my Mac and Treo, what does this mean? they are on my mac and it is told to sync all...

    should I make sure they are all updated on my Mac and tell it desktop overwrite Treo?
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