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    I recently made a transition from a Verizon 700p to a Sprint 700p. Aside from the fact that I really don't like Versamail, I'm extremely happy with my decision to switch. Except 1 THING... Can a Sprint 700p be provisioned to get picture messages?? when someone sends me a pic message I get a link and I'm then led to a Sprint picture site. Also, when I send someone a message they receive a link rather than the picture itself... is this just the way sprint handles picture messaging? can it be changed so that a picture message contains the picture and not a stupid link?
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    When getting pictures you will always have the link. And it depends on what phone you are sending. But mine sends pictures just fine to normal phones with no link but to another treo it sends them a link like I would get on my phone.
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    Thanks. That kinda stinks but I guess I will get used to it.

    Now my other question is about Versamail. I only use it for personal email accounts like AOL and Gmail but I can't set it to 'push' my mail. The only setting is to 'sync every 5 minutes' but it doesn't seem to work as I rarely get email alerts on my phone. I usually have to push 'get' on each individual account to retrieve my mail. is there anyway to set versamail to push my mail instantly like on my old Verizon with their Wireless Sync service?
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    Get Chatteremail, then forward your gmail to your AOL account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qwalls View Post
    Get Chatteremail, then forward your gmail to your AOL account.
    using the 30 day free trial of chatter now. I never thought of fowarding my gmail accounts. thanks for the idea!

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