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    Would love to buy (& support) from Treo Central but refuse to pay the usurious shipping charges to Canada (assume their Canadian outlet will open following release of all bug fixes to 700P )
    Have a plastic holster but just got real lucky in having my baby pop out and go missing for two days - too easy for clothes to get caught between Treo and back of holster )
    Was considering SPE P6 Pouch, but shipping at $19.95 on a $ 19.95 item (plus UPS have a nasty habit of adding brokerage charges on top) = nfw ! (which shipping price seems to be constant at multiple vendors i.e. TreoCentral not the only vendor with this issue), so went e-bay shopping ...

    Has anybody purchased / using this ??
    Price is much le$$ $ 4.95, and shipping drops to $ 6.95 - i.e. it'll cost me less than $ 12.00 delivered vs $39.00 (plus?) for the SPE P6

    Anybody care to comment - helluva difference in my cost and products seem very comparable (alternatives also appreciated)

    The one thing I love about the holster is I can feel the Treo's vibration (where sound is intentionally off, but still want to know I have e-mail or call) so a case fitting close to body is key

    And yeah I know everyone loves yet another case question ;-)
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    i live in NYc and they sell those on the street for 5 bucks, it does the job but the velvet inside is cheap stuff and looks real worn after sometime... i bought this one from ebay which holds up allot better and i think personally looks nicer

    heres another one if u prefer the button closure

    or the palmone OEM one

    seems to be cheaper on amazon then on ebay

    the palm one is leather on the inside and has another small pocket for like money or credit cards

    the other two have like velvet on the inside

    if u have a skin on your device i would go with leather one
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    I have found that only the better flip and holster cases ( will protect without scratching. They all have the back of a rivet or a snap or rough thread, or something that scratches up the paint or screen of the phone and they manufacturers won't take responsibility for the damage their product does.

    I highly recommend Covertec products (, available on eBay or Treocentral). They are beautiful, protective and affordable ($26-$34 + shipping).

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