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    I just got back from Canada where I didn't use my Treo 700p at all. Got back and now I can't access the web at all. Every time I try I get this error:

    Service Connection Progress
    Error: Cannot connect to the Internet because a dial-up networking session is active. End the DUN session and try again.

    Huh? I got no session going on and I tried some of the cures on this site for other phones but to no avail. Still no internet. This isn't the first time I've received this message and this time, nothing works.
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    Not sure what's causing your problem. Perhaps soft reseting the phone will fix it. Open your battery door, take your stylus and push it in the hole on the side next to the battery. This will reset your phone (not deleting anything). This should stop anything running on Palm.

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    That was the trick. Soft reset brought back the web! Thanks so much.

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