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    i really don't want to retype all those names and info into my 700 from my 600. i was hoping that i could use the 600 desktop mang. to transfer them.
    but i wasn't thinking when it asked for a name to register the new phone...i should have used the same name that was on the 600.

    can i erase that and re-register with the 600's name? or does anyone know how to transfer the contacts other wise?
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    You should open up Palm Desktop and go to your contacts.
    Highlight all the entries
    Click File / Export
    Save to your PC
    Install Palm Desktop for Windows from your 700 (it might have different 'stuff' than your 600's version of Palm Desktop)
    Create a new user name
    Open Contacts
    Click File / Import
    Hot Sync
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    sweeeet! thank you so much!

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