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    I am looking for a solution so that I can aceess my hotmail, gmail, and work email all with one email client, such as versa,express,etc... I have looked around and I am probabally looking in all the wrong places, any suggestions would be great. Thanks for the help
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    well i am looking for something that will pull hotmail email with out having to sign up for the hotmail premium that will my others too
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    Do you have to upgrade Hotmail to use it with Chatter? I thought you could just forward it to fastmail or something and it would push from there? I'm sorry, I don't use an email program. I just thought Chatter could do just about anything...
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    can i have this thread moved to the right location
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    Hotmail can't be forwarded unless you pay for it or else I would have done that a long time ago. I played with Chatter but couldn't figure out how to get Hotmail on it but I'm sure there's a way to do it if you reroute through mail2web or something and then just pull it down.

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