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    Has anyone done such a thing taking into account Sprint Sero, etc? Since i've only been with Sprint, i have no idea if others have equivalent plans or not.

    I glanced at Cingular's page briefly when the Iphone was introduced and it appeared you need to add a 39.99 data plan just to use web & email with a smartphone not to mention a regular phone plan.

    Sprint's lowest one is 30 a month for 500 min on the Sero that includes all this. Even on a family plan, i only had to add 15 a month for it and still get my 25% employee discount. I currently have the 2000 min for 85 a month from way long ago. 15 for powervision. And 59.99 a month for a data card plan. All has the 25% discount applied (although i had to call back and go through the rounds to get the data plan discounted which was promised before i bought it).

    So a Treo, a reg phone for wife, and data card with unlimited data plan... plus protection plan for Treo all add up to 141 a month after taxes/discounts applied. Or about 96 a month before i got the data card.
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    Sprint 1200 minutes shared on two lines with both lines getting unlimited sms, mobile to mobile, and weekends. One phone (Treo) gets unl web. Nights start at 7PM. All this for $67 (taxes, fees, and employees discount included)
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    Verizon Voice and Data plan:

    450 minutes
    Unlimited up-to-5GB-a-month data

    big total of $80 a month, including company discount that oddly enough only applies to the voice component of the plan

    A similar deal with Cingular would run me $65 a month. Once I convince my wife to switch, bye bye Verizon...
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    $135 for 800 shared family-talk anytime minutes
    4 lines
    unlimited nights and weekends
    unlimited mobile to mobile
    unlimited data on the Treo

    My whole family is on Cingular so I already have 600 rollover minutes to use.
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    I have sprint, 3500 anytime minutes with family plan, 2 phones are treo 700p with unlimited text and data, one is a regular nokia phone for my mom with no extras. Nights and weekends start at 7pm, and unlimited sprint to sprint all for a grand total of around $100 a month........pretty good huh It would take a lot for us to switch thats for sure...we have had a couple problems with sprint but retensions is quick to solve them.

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    900 anytime minutes, unlimited night and weekend. Long distance calling included. Unlimited data.
    $100 per month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l View Post
    Sprint 1200 minutes shared on two lines with both lines getting unlimited sms, mobile to mobile, and weekends. One phone (Treo) gets unl web. Nights start at 7PM. All this for $67 (taxes, fees, and employees discount included)
    Wow, I want that. My plan is identical, except only 550 minutes shared.
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    Fair and Flex 800 Anytime mins, night at 7. $5 for ever 100 mins extra. (right now I am at 1100 mins usually at about 900 mins a month)

    5 lines
    4 with unlimited power vision
    3 with unlimited text/picture mail.
    1 with TEP

    Total bill with tax last month was $171
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaharr View Post
    Wow, I want that. My plan is identical, except only 550 minutes shared.
    thats what retention gave me plus $150 off to get the 700p (that was a year ago now)
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    Sprint: single line through Retentions with $200 off Treo 700p last May

    350 anytime minutes (Originally $35)
    Unlimited text messages (no charge)
    Unlimited Data
    Premier TV and picture mail (was powervision ultimate pack)
    Nights and weekeds at 7 pm (no charge)
    23% Virginia state employee discount

    $42 and change each month, includes all taxes
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    1,000 Anytime minutes
    Unlimited Data
    Unlimited SMS
    Unlimited nights & weekends (nights start at 7:00p)
    Unlimited mobile to mobile

    Runs about $54 after taxes and fees including the insurance.
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    Sprint Fair and Flexible, 300 minutes, 1000 SMS messages, Powervision plus, $7 insurance minus Employee Value Program ($14.75)=$63
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    Sprint SERO 1250 Minute Plan
    Unlimited N&W
    Unlimited Powervision
    Unlimited MMS
    Unlimited M2M
    Roaming Included
    500 Text Messages (Free)
    $7 Insurance

    $52/mo after taxes with my corp and loyalty discounts.
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    Sheesh! It's too bad Sprint sucks in my area...
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    I've been with Sprint for more than ten years, over this time I have picked up various discounts and perks - mostly due to Sprint's ineptitude and 'retentions' trying to correct it. Although Sprint can be frustrating at times - in the end, I am very happy.

    Here is what I have now:

    Two lines sharing -
    2000 Anytime minutes
    Free first incoming minute
    free nights & weekends starting @ 6 PM
    EVDO PowerVision
    300/500 SMS

    $65 including taxes
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    Myfaves 1000min
    1000 txt, pics & vids
    unlimited data
    unlimited tmobile 2 tmobile min
    $70 a month

    Only bad thing is Tmobiles new 3G is 1700/2100mahz band & we still only have EDGE. (
    oh and no treos
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    110.00 a month for 700 anytime minutes (2 lines)
    unlimited mobile to mobile
    unlimited txt and pics messaging
    Insurance on both lines
    nights and weekends 9 pm to 6 am.....guess which company....and I'll never switch.....
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    Sprint SERO
    Single line, 500 minutes
    Unlimited data, MMS messaging, Nights and Weekends at 7pm
    1000 text messages ($5)
    Roaming included

    Comes out to around $50/month after taxes, fees, etc.

    I've been with Sprint since about 1995 and couldn't be happier. My wife and daughter are on Verizon, and that was a mistake...I'll be switching them back in April when the contract expires.
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    7 lines.

    5 with unlimited vision and 200 text messages.

    1 with Power Vision with picturemail, unlimited text messages. (my treo)

    All have unlimited roaming. mobile to mobile, and nights and weekends at 7.

    2000 minutes per month.

    $132 per month after taxes for everything..
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    I'm at around 80 bucks a month with my company discount for Verizon and I don't have any type of text messaging either. Thats what email is for
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