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    Sprint 2000 minutes shared 2 phones, unlimited data, nights and weekends start at 7pm, ulimited M2M, unlimited txt's,
    Treo with TEP, unlimited data (Power Vision), sprint TV.
    Other phone has picture mail.

    74 bucks.
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    This thread makes me grumpy. 2,500 minute SERO plan on Sprint plus insurance plus some SMS messages for $5 (doesnt cover int'l messages, bah) plus insurance on my 700wx something north of $110.

    My wife's T-Mo plan expires in a coupla weeks. What do I do? Get her a 700p (hahahahahaha! Sorry, Paul) on SERO plan? She has a 650 now -- who will buy a babied unlocked unbranded 650 off me?
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    3 lines
    6000 anytime minutes (real estate-about 5k+ "primetime" used)
    Nights/weekends/mobile are free
    2 Vision plans (treo/MotoQ). One without.
    Unlimited SMS/Text
    Roaming included (off network)
    $7 insurance on phones

    Monthly bill $205 minus 20%

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    Sprint Fair and Flexible
    4 lines (2 700p, 1 Moto Q, 1 A900)
    550 minutes shared + 200 complimentary minutes
    Unlimited Power Vision
    Unlimited SMS
    Equipment Protection
    Discounts 15/10

    69.99 per Month

    8 years and counting with Sprint. It can take many calls and several attempts to get your plan dialed in; but once it's right you can't beat Sprint's prices.
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    Unicel - Family 1800 plan
    1800 shared family minutes
    4 lines
    free incoming calls
    free nights and weekends
    free mobile to mobile
    free 2MB data on each line
    unlimited text messaging on two lines
    unlimited data on my Treo
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    Old Sprint plan from first day of Treo 300 availability in August 2002, with a few perks from retentions thrown in over the years: 2000 anytime minutes, 3 lines -- 2 with unlimited PowerVision, unlimited SMS on Treo 700p, 1100 SMS on Treo 650, 50 SMS on basic phone, insurance on both Treos, unlimited nights & weekends at 7 pm, unlimited mobile to mobile. Total, including taxes, etc. is about $107 per month.
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    Sprint Retentions-
    750 Anytime
    Unlimited N&W at 7
    Free Roaming with Verizon
    Unlimited PCS to PCS
    500 texts
    Power Vision and Picture Mail

    $40 after taxes. They also recently sold me a 700p for $150, which is how much I got for my 600 on ebay. I might also have a rebate coming for the same amount. I've been with Sprint since 1999 and have never seen a reason to switch to someone else and pay twice as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    Sheesh! It's too bad Sprint sucks in my area...
    Should note that Sprint Sero includes unlimited Roaming across America and with most phones including the 700p, you can force roaming... most of the time u'll get a verizon tower.

    My plan:
    500 minute Sero Plan
    $8/month credit for text messages (i only use $5)
    Nights start at 6PM
    Incoming first minute free (grand fathered from 4-5 years ago)
    $4/month insurance plan
    15% company discount
    after taxes $29 a month
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    Sprint Retentions plan:

    2200 Fair and flexible family plan with 5 shared lines
    7 pm nights and weekends
    unlimited pcs tp pcs
    all lines with unlimited 1xEvDo (power vision) and picture mail
    all lines with 500 text per month
    all lines with roaming
    all lines with TEP

    ~approx $145 bucks per month...

    beat that b!tches!
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    Sprint Retention plan:

    4500 fair and flexible with 3 shared lines
    7pm nights and weekends
    unlimited pcs to pcs
    all lines with unlimited EVDO
    all lines with 500 txt messages
    all lines with America (roaming) plan
    insurance on all lines ($4)
    corporate discount

    $133 per month after taxes
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousSource View Post

    1,000 Anytime minutes
    Unlimited Data
    Unlimited SMS
    Unlimited nights & weekends (nights start at 7:00p)
    Unlimited mobile to mobile

    Runs about $54 after taxes and fees including the insurance.
    Same for me except...
    Ive 500 mins
    + my fiance's 20% corp discount

    total bill after tax is $32

    I love it when the mall hawkers at the cell phone kiosks ask me if Im happy with my service and what kind of plan Im on.

    LOVE IT.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    Two identical SERO plans [on two 700p handsets]:

    1250 anytime minutes..............$49.99
    unlimited txt...........................$8.00
    unlimited long with SERO
    unlimited with SERO
    unlimited data, with SERO
    nights/ weekends from with SERO
    Insurance on each...................$7.00
    ..................................... _____________

    $65 per line/ $130 total per month before taxes & fees
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    America's Choice Select Plan
    3 Lines
    UNLIMITED txt/pix/flix (What a racket!)
    109.97 a month
    -20% Corporate Discount
    = 87.98

    the fact that I can't switch to sprint to save a ton of money so my entire family (yes, even the in-laws) can talk free cell to cell, PRICELESS!!!
    VZW 755p
    VAJA Orange Case, Custom takephone skin (Thanks NachoB), Chatter, PalmRevolt, treolauncher, and a bunch of other stuff
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    This months bill...$784.82

    Yeah, got to love that!!! NOT!
    T300 (6 mos.) ---> T600 (14 Mos.) ---> T650 (11 Mos.) ---> 700p
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    Two SERO Plans, each 500 minutes for $30 (with all that unlimited stuff everyone else named).

    One plan includes $7 unlimited text.

    One phone is a treo (insurance included) the other is a Q.

    Including gov't disount, bill is approx $75 for two phones.

    May not seem like much to anyone else, but that's coming from Nextel paying $75 per month for one phone significantly inferior to a treo or a Q.

    Most of my colleagues pay well over $100 for one phone and a good chunk of that is data/email.
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