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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefBragg View Post
    I had a similar incident as listed above with my Treo losing the ability to see the SD card. Reset several times and finally had to hard reset to get it back. Never could track down the cause. Something in the Palm since your app does not access the SD card....
    That is interesting, I'm not the only one having this issue. However, I was able to get my card back unchecking TreoMsgr and doing a soft reset.

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    I have had this "missing card" dohickey prior to installing Treomgr. I did get it again today. There is a thread in the 755p forum about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefBragg View Post
    One thing I noticed today: I sent the same message (lunch meeting) to 3 different people (individually). They showed up as single listings but at the same time of 10:25 a.m. in Tasks but after they went out the log showed only two lines: One name, a semicolon (like it shows in the Messages app of the Treo when you send to multiple recipients) and one of the three phone numbers (the first one) When msgs are sent at the same time does is truncate the 2nd and beyond?
    TreoMsgr will only send one message at a particular time, and will skip all other messages. you need at least a minute interval between tasks so that everything works as expected. Remember that TreoMsgr is woken-up 3 seconds before the set time.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefBragg View Post
    I would love to be able to send the same message to several different people at the same time, maybe using semicolon or comma between the numbers but I cant do that with the (L)ookup button.
    I've delibrately disabled the multiple reciepients thing as TreoMsgr does not (as yet) handle these gracefully. Currently, I'm thinking of a nice way on implementing the "groups" functionality without breaking what is already there. Unfortunately, I had not considered this in the initial design of TreoMsgr. I always expected people could just schedule the messege(s) to multiple recipients, say, after every 5 minutes or so. But it turns out that this can be very inconvenient.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefBragg View Post
    What about being able to access the "user defined" messages...
    This can be easily done, but I want to get the groups thing implemented first.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefBragg View Post
    I had a similar incident as listed above with my Treo losing the ability to see the SD card...
    I found it rather troubling that TreoMsgr was suspect for some time, but it appears that others too are facing this same SD problem (without TreoMsgr installed).

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefBragg View Post
    Final note: When you post your update, can you include a link to the newest PRC file so we can download it with Blazer straight to the Treo without having to unzip and install?
    OK... that's a problem I've had too, and from now on, you can use:

    to download and install the latest PRC directly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo View Post
    Your log says "Basic 5-way navigation in messages and log tables"
    I don't see any changes on my Treo 755p

    All the 5-way allows you is to move up and down the list in TreoMsgr. It doesn't pop-up the details window or seclect the items. That is why I termed it "basic."

    - mvk
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    Just forgot to mention that v4.2 also includes auto-delete-task-on-completion feature.

    Just press the [Menu] in main form and go to [Preferences]
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    Agendus appears to take over the alarms, and there is nothing I can do about this.

    Now, TreoMsgr uses the "Tasks" database to store its information. It is the "Tasks" alarm that Agendus sees and sets its own alarm (or takes over the Tasks alarm.)

    If you could see if Agendus has an option like "Ignore Tasks Categories" and set it to ignore the Tasks "TreoMsgr" category. That would solve your problem.
    Unfortunately, there is no option to do this from within Agendus. I can turn off "all alarms" from within Agendus, but of course this means that I lose all of the alarm options that I would normally use with the Agendus calendering program.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    This is a a very contentious issue. The real problem is, the way the messages are processed and stored by the native messaging application is unknown. There is no documentation available for this. It would require a lot of reverse engineering to get to do this, and then there would still be chances of corrupting the messages database (which, on the Treo, is already is quiet fragile!)

    Of-course, "SMS Scheduler" by Julian Radowsky, does this in an admirable way. That must have taken him _some_ work, and all credit to him.
    I understand that it might be complicated and time consuming. Having said that, I would have thought it would be a popular feature request for 3rd party Treo-messaging program, and perhaps one worth attempting to implement. For what it's worth: I'm going to try out TreoMsgr a little bit more and then probably purchase it. You seem responsive and there appears to be a relatively rapid pace of development. Hopefully the issues I mentioned can eventually be addressed in some way
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    TreoMsgr v4.4b4 release with Groups Messaging.

    Continued in this thread:

    - mvk

    Game over!
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