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    I downloaded Mobile MerckMedicus to my laptop & tried installing it to my phone. I uninstalled it from the phone & whenever I try to do a synchronization, it is still being installed on my phone. I cancelled the synchronization & now "AcroPilot" installed on my phone is not working, as when I try to launch it, it says "the application cannont be launched because of system failure".

    I deleted the shortcut from my laptop, but I don't know where to find the original file itself to delete it.

    Please offer ur assistance in fixing the AcroPilot & stop Mobile MerckMedicus from being instaled on my phone. Thank you in advance
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    Assuming you have Windows on your laptop, go to:

    C:\Program Files\palmOne\Your ID Name

    Check under the folders called "Archive" and "Backup". Delete any files that belong to MerckMedicus.

    Delete the application from the phone. Then sync.

    I would probably try to reinstall AcroPilot.
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