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    My first post here, hoping someone here is more helpful than the goons at Palm. I've heard about so many 650's being buggy, and now there's a buggy one in my midst.

    My roommate's 650 (cingular) will not sync. It cannot establish a connection with the computer, and the hotsync dialog box won't come up. Sne's running XP home.

    I've tried all the usual fixes:soft reset, hard reset, reinstalled newest version of palm desktop software, checked configuration on hotsync software, removed all old palm desktop files that may be interfering, cleaned connections, tried all USB ports, tried a different cord, etc, etc, etc.

    My T|X syncs fine with her computer.

    Is there anything I've forgotten? Is there any hope?

    ETA: I'm not trying to sync with outlook, just the palm desktop.

    Thanks in advance
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    Have you opened the Hot Sync Manager? If my HS Manager icon is not in the system tray, nothing happens if I initiate a hotsync. I have to go to my start menu and select the Hot Sync Manager icon to have it deposit in the tray. Then the hot sync will proceed...

    Just a thought. Other than that, it looks like you've done everything you can do, it may be a hardware problem with the 650
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    Yep, done that. <sigh> Thanks, though!
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    Have you tried syncing her treo with your computer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble View Post
    Have you tried syncing her treo with your computer?
    Yep, no luck. I think she's got a lemon. Thanks for your suggestions everyone!
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    Does she need to sync for a reason other than backing up her data? I didn't have a PC for a long time when I first got my 650 and I just used BackupMan for backups, downloaded .prc files directly through Blazer and .zip files through Blazer using HandZipperLite. It's easier with a PC, but not absolutely necessary.

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