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    Mac OS X 10.4.9, Treo 750p

    I think there's a file you're supposed to remove to stop this, but I can't find it. Here's the error:

    "The HotSync operation was interrupted. Some of your data was NOT backed up."

    The log says "OK Backup Backup Synchronization failed 'Backup' failed (error = Unknown Sync Error)"

    There's another dialog that says "Unknown Sync Error [16385]."

    It stops on or just after VoiceDial.prc.

    Any ideas? Again, I think there's a file you're supposed to delete, but I can't find the reference to it online.

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    Here is the link for fixing the problem:
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    THANK YOU, Littledragon!

    The online support people at Palm referred me to the phone support, and those bananas wanted to charge me $25 to give me that link - which they probably wouldn't have found anyway. Shame on them.

    I told them I was cancelling my service and buying an iPhone.
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    Interestingly, I did this once before, but the file mysteriously appeared again. Go figure.

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