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    My Treo680 works fine with a Nokia HDW-3 bluetooth headset until I switch off the headset. If I then make or receive a call on the Treo, it seems to think the headset is still on and I have to manually cancel the bluetooth headset before I can hear or say anythng. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?
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    It sounds like a BT implementation bug, but something that should be Palm-fixable.
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    Yeah, I've got the same problem. I've seen it with my Jabra headset, and with the handsfree setup in my Lexus.

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    Same problem.... Palm knows about it.
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    It's a known problem and it also shows up in combination with my BT carkit. Palm should fix this soon!!
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    this is a known issue - see this thread that was started here back in december. palm should definitely know about this issue by now but at this point i'm not hopeful they're going to release a fix for it any time soon...

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