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    Used to be where DA 3.30 was and other downloads. Anyone have any idea?
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    I'm sure he'll post or send out an email if he has a new web site. Perhaps it's just a technical problem.
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    why 3.0 wasnt it 3.29? what changed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2 View Post
    why 3.0 wasnt it 3.29? what changed?
    Not sure, but it's the latest and greatest. I posted the 3.30 .prc here
    It's post #27.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwman View Post
    Not sure, but it's the latest and greatest. I posted the 3.30 .prc here
    It's post #27.
    Off topic, but nice DW set man. Thing looks killer.

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    Rick's having isp problems. See his post at the end of this thread:
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    I was looking for the newest version of DirAssist and I noticed there was a new version out.. (3.30)...

    I had a problem installing it, So I waited for the next day (in hopes that a quick update would fix the issue) and I noticed that the website is down..

    It has been down for days now.. is DirAssist no longer there???

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    Any idea of what 3.30 does versus 3.29? I didn't see release notes on his usual support forum.
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    Is the residential search funtion still broken? I am using 3.30
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