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    I did a search and did not see anything on this. When I pull out my Treo 680 to make a call, use email, etc., sometimes the screen is in my Picture program, after I unlock it. If I hit any button from there, the phone does a soft reset. For some reason, it has been doing it MUCH more lately. A little history: had a treo 650 for over 2 years, upgraded to the 680 3 weeks ago. Haven't had many problems with it besides this (well of course, besides the bluetooth problems with my car). I have not added any extra programs since the first day I uploaded everything from my 650. The only other programs than standard are: filez, monopoly, keycaps600, snappermail, solitaire, and sudoku.

    Anyone else having this sort of problem? Any solutions?
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    If you just hotsynced everything from your 650 to the 680, the problem lies there. Perform a clean install, then post your results.
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