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    I dont know why but I have to keep cycling my screen on to get BBuddy to keep working.

    In prefs, I have "keep working when power off" or something like it checked so I dont understand why its not working?

    I noticed it when I loaded it on my replacement 700P last month. Ive also tried to keep my screen on for 3 minutes in the Treo's main prefs options. Course that kills my battery and still doesnt fix the issue.

    Any thoughts?
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    BackupBuddy VFS Pro 4.0.2 on a Sprint Treo 700P. . . . . . .

    Under Preferences, General . . . . I do NOT have the "Allow auto off during backup" box checked and mine always completes it's backup without a hitch. . . . . . of course my daily backup only takes 60 to 90 seconds depending on how many files I have played with. . . . . however, even after creating a Checkpoint (when all files then need to be backed up again) I do not suffer your situation.

    Anything I can test on my end for you?

    Cheers, Perry.

    P.S. I just set my auto off setting to 15 seconds (and tested that it would) and I am now into 5 minutes of a first backup after creating a checkpoint . . . . my screen is still on and the backup is still chugging. . . . . . . .completed in 8 minutes and the screen went immediately off. . . .

    Perhaps your install has become corrupted and you need to delete and re-install BackupBuddy on the Treo?
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